Water Lilly blooms not only in Malarikkal but also in Tirurangadi this year

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If you ask me what is the most popular sight in Kerala in the last two years, there is only one answer. It is the water lily field of Kottayam Malarikkal. There was no one who could not see the sight of the water Lilly blooming in the acres of field. Tourists from all over the state came here as the water Lilly bloom became the new color of Kottayam.

However, in the Tirurangadi Venchali field in Tirurangadi, Malappuram, there are awe-inspiring views of Kottayam. Tirurangadi has also been added to the list of tourists, breaking the monopoly power of Malarikkal and Ambattukadavu. Water Lilly bloomed on an area of more than 100 acres here. The water Lilly bloomed in the Cherumukku Venchali field, which connects Tirurangadi Municipality and Nannambra Panchayat. Although the water Lilly has been in full bloom for the last fifteen years, this is the year when this sight became popular among the tourists. The most beautiful is the view of the water Lilly field with the morning sunshine. People come here from 5 am to 9 am. You can select one of the Kerala tour packages to enjoy the beauty of this place. Since the state is under strict covid controls, travelers should follow covid protocols while visiting the place.